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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:22 pm 

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This thread is mainly about aesthetics, which can be a can of worms(to me), but this forum is generally about the craft of pipe making. When I read about aesthetics, my head spins, especially after I have looked at the pipes being made by the Italian (and Russian, and Chinese ......)makers.
Several points stand out in the thread, the main being that at some point in shaping the stummel, you will have to decide what the final shape is going to be, and then you are going to have to get to that final shape. It is this area where this forum is most valuable to me. Drilling in the same plane, transitions from shank to bowl, transitions from shank to stem, stem work, finishes and a dozen other areas are all things that you will have to do well to get to the end point that you envision. Even if you have a wonderfully shaped and grained stummel, but are sloppy, incomplete or unknowing with your craftsmanship, it will be obvious to your discerning potential customer and he will move on.
Discussions of proportion, curves, and balance can be extremely valuable, but even if you hit those marks but fail to prosecute the details to the best of your ability and knowledge, the discerning pipe person will know it.
Your friends, family, and casual acquaintances may be very impressed with your work, but it is artisans like those on this forum who will set the bar for which you should strive if you want to craft good pipes.
You will also find ( with some searching)here the information on technique that you will need to get there.
I made several hundred pipes in the 70s, and when viewed and evaluated by the standards that I've learned on this forum, they were not very good.

"Hettinger, if you stamp 'hand made' on a dog turd, some one will buy it."
-Charles Hollyday, pipe maker, reluctant mentor, and curmudgeon
" Never show an idiot an unfinished pipe!"- same guy

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:08 am 

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I can't count the number of pipes I made, that missed on aesthetics! I went the way of seeing what I wanted to see. I changed after realizing I was cheating no-one but me. After making the effort to change, a new world opened up. Most customers have no understanding and this makes it even more important. You can see why Sas has pride in his work. He made the effort to do it right. Walt laid it out clear enough and cares what you produce. We are lucky we have the technology and this Forum to give all this to us.I hope the new ones listen and practice in appreciation for what they have been given. :thumbsup: I turn 70 in December and everything hurts! That's why its more important now I produce Quality pipes. I love making them and always will !!! What Magic we have in our hands!!!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:56 am 
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Easom wrote:
Like I said before the first pipe I sold looked totaly stupid and I was embarassed to even show it. Someone accidentally saw it and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He thought it was the most beautiful pipe he had ever seen. It was so bad i didnt even take pictures of it.

This perfectly highlights the point I made earlier, that we see things that most people don't. Pipes in general are uncommon enough that they are a curiosity to many people, so when they see one, regardless of how it looks, many people ooh and ah. They just see the novelty of it and don't have the experience to critique or gauge the work. You are critical of that pipe because you have nosed around this forum a bit and have learned some things. You are learning and forming a vision of the direction you want to go. This is a good thing.


Emmanuel Atilano

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